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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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North American Dividends Service

S&P Capital IQ (S&P) Dividends Service provides the comprehensive data you need to track and process payments and other corporate actions. It details over 28,000 equity securities listed on U.S. and major Canadian exchanges, as well as NASDAQ and selected OTC and foreign issues. Included, is an extensive list of over 16,000 equity, bond and money market funds as well as 600 closed end funds in over 50 Markets (Exchanges).

Data Coverage

FinDataPortal offers a flexible way to monitor, search and view the S&P Dividends Data. Whether you are looking for a specific security, checking for daily dividend reports, monitoring your portfolio or generating a report based on specific criteria, you will find that accessing S&P Capital IQ North American Dividend data via our portal is extremely straightforward.


Why not combine this dataset with Exchange Data International's Worldwide Dividends one and get access to global coverage of dividends?

We will be more than happy to offer you a Free Trial of the S&P Dividends service so you can see how intuitive the portal really is.