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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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Worldwide Dividend Data

Exchange Data International's Worldwide Dividend service allows firms to easily access to up-to-date global dividends data, track and process payments in a timely manner. It sources daily dividend data from 150 exchanges across more than 100 countries. The database is updated three times a day to ensure that customers receive timely global dividends information in respect of each geographic region. Asia/Pacific, Europe/Middle East and Americas are uploaded according to the different time zones.

Data Coverage

Exchange Data International's global dividends service provides in-depth coverage of cash and stock dividend data. Each dividend record contains the following information enabling an easy identification of the security affected.

The data specific to the dividend event is detailed by these fields:

FinDataPortal enables you to get direct access to global dividends information. In just a few clicks you can get dividend data for one security, a portfolio or some specific criteria such as date range, country, exchanges...


Combine this service with the S&P's North American Dividend service and get access to comprehensive dividend information from around the world.

We will be more than happy to offer you a Free Trial of the Worldwide Dividend Data service so you can see how easy it is to access global dividends information.