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S&P Capital IQ teams up with EDI to Expand Coverage of Global Dividends and Corporate Actions Data

New York and London, 2 May 2012 - S&P Capital IQ, a leading provider of multi-asset class data, research and analytics, today announced an arrangement with Exchange Data International (EDI) to offer a new global dividends and corporate actions data service, spanning over 128 countries and 150 exchanges worldwide. This new data service is now available to customers across Findataportal via a customizable consolidated data feed. The Findataportal is a user friendly platform that offers a wide range of capabilities including search, portfolio management, news alerts and feed functionality and offers a consolidated data feed of best-in-class North American data along with the rich Global data from Exchange Data International.

Clients can search, screen and download detailed announcements on over 50 corporate actions and distribution event types for over 1 million globally listed securities, including depository receipts, equity and preferred shares and covered warrants, and for over 45,000 global funds, comprising 371 REITS, over 7,000 ETFS and HLDRs trusts, 544 Closed End Funds, 15,045 North American Mutual Funds and 22,844 Unit Investment Trusts.

“This new data service offers clients unparalleled flexibility in terms of delivery and customisation across a depth and breadth of dividend and corporate actions information” says Rui Carvalho, Managing Director, Enterprise Solutions, S&P Capital IQ. “Thanks to our partnership with EDI, S&P Capital IQ is able to offer dividend and corporate actions data service with a truly global footprint.”

Jonathan Bloch, C.E.O at EDI says, “We are very pleased to offer our Global Corporate Actions and Dividends alongside the S&P Capital IQ North American corporate actions and dividend service. For the first time clients will receive this information in a consolidated feed which will allow them to view primary and secondary listings across the globe in the same format. This is a powerful combination”.

The new data service helps investment companies in a number of different areas. These include research for internal or client queries, confirming data from an existing primary data provider and access to data not supplied by a current provider. The service also allows users to conduct queries based on market trends (for instance, searches based on increases or decreases in, and omitted or resumed, dividends) for research, model building and risk management purposes. In addition, users can calibrate information by specific date range, for instance by announcement date (for the front office), by record date (for securities processing) and by payable date (for account reconciliation).


Findataportal™ enhances its services with the Feed Manager capability

New York, Monday January 10th 2011 - Findataportal™, a financial data portal with a new approach to data provision, announced today the release of their Feed Manager feature, enabling subscribers to create their own customized feed.

Findataportal (FDP) is a platform through which clients can access datasets from different financial data providers in a way that is tailored to their specific needs. Users can easily combine provider, products and subscription packages to suit their own requirements. The portal is an ideal solution to back up primary sources, fill in missing gaps in current coverage or just satisfy occasional data needs.

FPD offers a wide range of searching and screening capabilities enabling users to easily research a specific security, monitor their portfolios or generate activity reports. Subscribers get also the opportunity to pre-define certain search criteria so recurrent searches can be made in just a few click.

The new Feed Manager feature is a great addition to the platform. Each user has now the possibility to efficiently build-up a customized feed and modify it at anytime. The Feed Manager facility offers two options: immediate download of the results and daily email notifications.

“The Feed Manager feature has been developed in collaboration with financial providers and end-users. It compliments the portal’s existing functionalities and reinforces the fact that Findataportal provides streamlined access to clients specific needs”, said marketing manager, Anais Bresle. “Our objective is to help our clients improve the efficiency of corporate actions processing while reducing data cost by only providing them with the information they truly use.”

FinDataPortal currently offers S&P Capital IQ’s North American Dividends and Unit Investment Trust datasets, the Worldwide Corporate Actions, Shares Outstanding and Dividends sets from Exchange Data International and Kafafian Emerging Markets’ Market Treasury Research one.


Exchange Data International Provides Dividend Data Through Findataportal™

New York, September 15th 2009 - FindataportalTM (FDP) today announced that Exchange Data International (EDI), a well established provider of Corporate Actions and Reference Data publishes its Worldwide Dividend data on FDP’s financial data portal.

By publishing EDI’s Worldwide Dividend data, FDP provides its users with in-depth coverage of cash and stock dividends across more than 110 countries. Findataportal is a very intuitive web-interface giving firms total freedom and control of their data usage.

Clients of this service can search for dividend announcements for a specific security or at a global or portfolio level. Additionally they can create a dividend calendar on Ex, Record and Pay dates for a 5 day period based on their holdings or globally.

“Findataportal is a great opportunity for data providers to reach a new type of customers with occasional data needs”, said Jonathan Bloch, C.E.O and founder of Exchange Data International. “We are delighted to distribute our dividend data through this on-demand portal and are currently working on expanding our offering with Shares Outstanding data.”

S&P Capital IQ was the first data provider to publish two of its data sets, North American Dividend Record & Unit Investment Trusts, on Findataportal. By adding EDI's worldwide dividend offering, FDP offers subscribers the opportunity to access comprehensive global corporate actions data via a single source.

Findataportal is a new way for firms to “consume” financial data; it offers flexible access to original vendor content sets. Users of this portal can easily research a specific security, monitor their portfolios or cross-check data from multiple sources. In the near future, FDP expects to add data offerings from several other data providers and offer users extensive coverage of high quality financial data at a lower cost.

Findataportal™ – The Flexible Alternative to Providing Financial Data

New York, January 28th. 2009 - Findataportal™ (FDP) is a brand new company launched in November 2008 with the unique concept of bringing together disparate financial data content. FDP can be used by any organizations, CPAs, fund managers, custodians, trust companies…, requiring the latest corporate action and dividend information for companies listed throughout the world.

FDP is the perfect solution for this cost cutting era as it provides subscribers with a large choice of financial data sets without hefty annual payment or IT cost. Users of this unique portal only pay a small minimum monthly fee to be credited against the “hits”. Basically users are only paying for the financial data they are actually using which enables them to select financial data sets from different financial data providers to fully meet their specific financial data needs without having to spend thousands.

FDP aims to partner with many financial data providers to provide competitive products offering the institutional market comprehensive financial data coverage for all class of assets worldwide. Standard & Poor’s (S&P) is the first financial data provider to display two of their financial data sets on Findataportal™. Subscribers have the opportunity to access their renowned North American Dividend and UIT financial data sets used by institutions and CPAs for decades.

Exchange Data International (EDI) joined S&P on this financial data portal and offers its Worldwide Dividend and Shares Outstanding financial data sets. Jonathan Bloch, C.E.O and founder of EDI said: “Findataportal™ is a cost effective solution particularly for institutions with occasional or distinctive financial data needs and we think it is a great opportunity to reach a different type of customer who would never have opted for our primary financial data sets.”

Findataportal™ is definitely designed for the current economic conditions where companies want to keep costs down but at the same time have an array of financial data that they can access.

S&P Capital IQ Provides Corporate Actions Data through Findataportal™

NEW YORK, January 20, 2009 – S&P Capital IQ, a leading provider of financial market intelligence and independent fixed-income evaluations and data, today announced that its North American Dividend Record and Unit Investment Trust services are now available through Findataportal™. This data is used by front and back office operations to track and process payments and other corporate actions.

Findataportal™, an independent financial data portal launched in November 2008, offers a wide range of searching and screening capabilities in addition to electronic versions of the complete Dividend Record and Unit Investment Trusts services content. Clients can search individual issues or create customized listings based on date range, distribution type, asset class, or on the individual securities in their portfolios.

In upcoming releases S&P Capital IQ will be including Unit Investment Trust Announcements, Tax Status of Dividends and Fixed Income Corporate Actions, including delimited file downloading, for customized search requests.

“With Findataportal’s customization capabilities, clients can have affordable access to the content they need,” said Frank Ciccotto, Senior Vice President, S&P Capital IQ. “The delimited file download offering eliminates all the programming and expense associated with traditional universe feeds. By extending our print service to this platform, clients will have instantaneous access to their subscriptions.”

In today’s marketplace, a growing segment of institutions have outsourced their corporate actions processing. Findataportal, by hosting multiple vendors, facilitates access to the original vendor content sets. Whether it’s researching a specific security or comparing announcements from various vendors, the Findataportal platform serves as a single source for research and access to dividends and corporate actions.


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Marketing Executive
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