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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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Global Corporate Actions & Dividends Data

S&P Capital IQ (S&P) and Exchange Data International (EDI) have combined some of their datasets to offer a global dividends and corporate actions data service, covering more than 128 countries and 150 exchanges worldwide.

This combo offer contains the following datasets:

Data Coverage

The service covers more than 50 corporate actions and distribution types for over:

The global Corporate Actions & Dividend data service enables customers to access the data via a customizable consolidated flat feed. The feed will systematically include 22 main fields such as Event type, Country of Incorporation, Security description... to which subscribers can add extra fields specific to each datasets. Clients can combine any of the datasets and run the file against their portfolio or receive the full universe via an FTP connection.

When subscribing to this combo offer you get full access to the four datasets. You can search, screen and download detailed dividend and corporate actions data. The feed manager feature enables you to create a customize feed for each individual dataset and set up daily feed delivered via FTP.

Whether you are looking for a specific security, checking for daily dividend reports, monitoring your portfolio or generating a report based on specific criteria, Findaportal™ gives you straightforward access to global dividend and corporate actions data.


Package & Pricing

Enterprise License (Internal Use Only)


Basic Search
Custom Search
PDF Files **
Online Support

Option 1: $4,000 per month
Additional Location: $2,000 per month per location
Option 2: $10,000 per month
Option 3: $23,200 per month


Basic Search
Custom Search
Portfolio Search
Portfolio Manager
Feed Manager
Consolidated Feed*
PDF Files **
Online Support

Option 1: $5,000 per month
Additional Location: $2,500 per month per location
Option 2: $12,500 per month
Option 3: $29,200 per month

  • Option 1: Single Location - Single or multiple users
  • Option 2: Regional Multiple locations in a single region or country
  • Option 3: Global Multiple regions or countries, affiliates included

*Only applicable when subscribing to at least two datasets under this package level.
**Only available for the S&P Capital IQ North American Dividends and Unit Investment Trust datasets.

We will be more than happy to offer you a Free Trial of the Global Corporate Action and Dividend Service so you can see how flexible the portal really is.