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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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About Findataportal

Findataportal (FDP) is a unique concept. Portals exist for the general investment public but there is no website bringing together disparate financial data content for the institutional market. The institutional market is huge covering over 40,000 companies on both the buy and sell side worldwide.  Because they cover many different asset classes their data needs are often not met by only one data provider. Findataportal™ aims to have many data providers on its site and we particularly hope that competitive products will form part of this offering. 

Subscribers will be able to be charged by “hit” so will not be burdened by a hefty annual fee other than a small minimum monthly payment to be credited against the “hits.”  Subscribers will sign an agreement with Findataportal™ Inc to use the system and with the individual data provider.  Findataportal is not intended to displace any data provider’s existing business but rather to expand it to new horizons to institutions who might not be able to afford a normal annual subscription or who wish to supplement their main providers who are embedded in their system.

The first data to appear on Findataportal™ is S&P Capital IQ's North American dividend set which has been used by institutions and CPAs for decades.  This is available both in a search format as well as PDF.