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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

FINDATAPORTAL™ - Financial Data Provider


Findataportal™ provides data supplied by multiple financial data providers from around the world. Our up-to-date financial data is accessible through our easy to use online system from anywhere in the world at anytime. Whether you are seeking the latest dividend information, name changes or shares outstanding figures, Findataportal™ will have this information just a couple of clicks away.

Unlike other services you can choose from any number of financial data providers, products and subscription packages to suit your requirements. Findataportal™ enables you to combine data sets from different financial data providers and select a different charging scheme for each one of them; so you only pay for the data you truly use.

With subscription packages ranging from pay as you go to global enterprise license, Findataportal™ has a solution for every budget.

The data is provided by some of the world’s premier financial companies such as S&P Capital IQ's.  Findataportal™ can be used by CPAs, investment banks, broker dealers, fund managers, custodians, trust companies and any other organizations requiring the latest corporate action and dividend information for companies listed throughout the world.

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